Honghuang Dazun of Sorcery Clan

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Space is covered with cobweb-like cracks in an instant, "rumbling!"

Space is covered with cobweb-like cracks in an instant, "rumbling!" Resentful souls burst open one after another, and countless destructive thunder crawled everywhere, and an electric sword formed by the condensation of resentment, crisscrossing Ji jiāo, cutting the earth, wind, fire and water, seemed to open the sky and split the earth, and all obstacles were going to be destroyed. Thunder and lightning, the horror of the soul of resentment, the power of eternity! I wanted to write a little longer, but it's time for 7 or 8 classes. I'll upload it first. Please forgive me. [Chapter 123 of the main text: Long Hair, One Hundred Thousand Zhang, Half Step Mixed yuan] "Jittery!!!" Countless resentful souls screamed, violent black sè thunder flashed constantly, condensed into a knife and gun, and at the same time formed a set of mighty black sè armor on the body of the resentful soul, making the resentful soul like the sea cháo look like endless heavenly soldiers and gods, brutally roaring towards Li Yi! "Boom!" Countless armies of resentful souls crashed into the giant face one after another, smashing the giant face into the earth, forming an abyss of millions of miles. (-) The army of resentful souls did not stop at this point. Tens of millions of resentful souls gathered together to form a terrible thunder knife of tens of millions of feet. The endless knife gas destroyed the sky and the earth, and the sun and the moon had no light. They cut down mercilessly toward the abyss. Rumble! The whole land sank thousands of feet in an instant, and huge channels were branded on the land like scars. Roar!!! The huge roar of the beast came from the depths of the abyss, the nearby soil was shaken into powder,temperature scanning kiosks, a terrible crack opened in the space, the huge face squeezed out of it ferociously, a trace of blood on the corners of the mouth, and the black and white eyes were full of rage. Roar!!! Giant face a long roar, rolling the wind and clouds, gradually into a huge head, a head of black hair crazy growth, instantly reached tens of thousands of feet, like a long river of black s s. Boom! All of a sudden,digital signage kiosk, the black long method rolled, and the golden silk thread spread into the long hair. Countless sacred runes as big as houses were imprinted on the hair. Gradually, a vast pressure spread from the hair, and each long method was like a rule, emitting a terrible movement. Three thousand long hair, three thousand rules! Long hair turns into icebergs, lightning, ancient wood, fire and other illusions, suppressing the whole void and forming an independent region, as if the whole region was separated from the prehistoric world and dominated by another heaven. What? How is that possible? At this moment, Sanqing, nv Wa, Jieyin, Zhunti and other sages saw the horrible long hair, and their hearts were shocked at the same time. They were a little incredulous and frightened, because they actually felt the breath of heaven from the long hair. Looking at Li Yi, their eyes were full of complexity. Roar!!! The huge head stared at the destruction of the thunder sea with a roar of hatred, interactive whiteboard prices ,face recognition identification kiosk, and the black sè long hair immediately danced, like an ancient dragon, carrying endless power suddenly toward the thunder sea. Boom!!! Endless rules of golden light condensed into a long river across the sky, twisted toward the sea of thunder strangulation, along the way countless armies of ghosts had no time to make any response, silently swallowed by the golden s s è river. Rumble! There was a violent shock in the boundless thunder sea of destruction, and finally it was forced to wear a huge black d dòng. The terrible golden light crossed the endless space and poured directly into the space of stars, annihilating a starry sky. Roar!!! The huge head seized the opportunity, "whoosh!" He crashed into the sea of thunder with a sound, opened his ferocious mouth, and swallowed the sea of thunder one after another. Ruthless, it is too ruthless, dare to swallow such a horrible sea of thunder alive! A big Luo Jinxian who peeped saw such a scene and felt a little cold. Y, no wonder God wants to destroy him, it is too fierce. ” "Look at him swallowing so well, I'm afraid this demon really regards thunder robbery as a dish, and it still doesn't let people live!" …… The huge head rushed into the sea of thunder, and let the sea of thunder struggle, and finally it was swallowed up by the huge head bit by bit. Disappear, thunderclouds completely dispersed, llù out of Li Yi's mighty figure, tens of thousands of feet of long hair gradually retracted, a destructive thunder in Li Yi's body surface, until finally disappeared. At this time, in the world of Li Yi's knowledge of the sea, a black sè of thunder seal gradually formed. Unexpectedly, after devouring the sea of thunder of destruction, there will be such benefits, which will be condensed into the original seal of thunder of destruction. From then on, there will be no divine thunder that can threaten me except the thunder of chaos. "Moreover, this time, after the tempering of the destructive thunder, I went a step further. Jjīng, Qi, and Shen are all hhún elements. Apart from not understanding their own rules, they are no different from the realm of hhún elements. They should be regarded as half a step of hhúnyuan." Li Yixu floating in the sky, the whole person as if into the void, can not feel a trace of a bold breath, visible, but can not feel, quite contradictory. Gradually, Li Yi smiled at the corners of his mouth, suddenly opened his eyes and flashed two flashes of lightning. He glanced meaningfully at several places in the air. Here, because I have become like this, then I will make up for it! Li Yi looked at the countless cracks below, sighed slightly at the huge abyss, and pointed to the earth with his right hand, "rumbling!" The whole earth immediately surged up like chcháo water, and huge abysses were filled up, while countless points of green light gathered between heaven and earth and merged into the earth. Soon a vast green sè plain appeared in the original place, although the aura is not very strong, but also full of vitality. Having done all this, Li Yi opened his mouth and spat, and a huge brontosaurus roared out, instantly turning into a thunder mark branded on a newly raised mountain range,information kiosk price, and within a few breaths, the whole mountain range turned into a thunder mountain. Today, the emperor of Japan has experienced a great disaster here and realized the way to destroy the thunder. He has branded a supreme power of thunder here. Anyone who is predestined can come to understand it! 。 hsdtouch.com