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Me: "Are you trying to say that's what makes you manic?"

Me: "Are you trying to say that's what makes you manic?" He: "Maybe. I want to catch some of them, but I can't." Me: "Wait for me to interrupt, do you know how you behave when you are manic?" He: "Not to arrest people?" Me: "Not only, as if you want to tear each other, but …" He: "And what?" I hesitated for a few seconds. "Like a beast." He is stupefied: "So be such." I remember catching people saying that the information I saw.. It's so broken, I can't remember. (Subject to word limit, this article is to be continued) Me: "Are many of the information States you mentioned consistent with the starting time you foresee in the future in reality?" He thinks seriously: "Should be?"? I can't remember the details. At first, I stressed to myself that it was a coincidence, but after too many things happened, I couldn't convince myself that it was a coincidence. Me: "And you can't prove it to anyone." He: "Well, I was really paranoid for a while.". Can you imagine that state? They are confused about what they do, and sometimes they even feel that everything is a kind of foresight of the future, but they can't be sure. The more so, the more I don't know what to do. However, there are always some inadvertent things that make me sure again: it's another foresight. Me: "What if it was a coincidence?" He: "I have ruled out.". Because over and over again, it's not a coincidence. Nothing so coincidentally happens many times. Me: "Let me see, did you unconsciously catch all kinds of information that passed through your eyes, so you did that?"? I mean your act of foresight. He: Maybe. But they said that after hypnosis, I said a lot of things that others could not understand,juice filling machine, which was said to be disorganized. I was a little surprised that he had thought of hypnosis. Me: "Well, I listened to the tape, and that's true. The doctor didn't lie to you." He: "Well, I think there are some things that I have figured out." Me: "In what way?" He: "Maybe we can all meet a lot of things happen, but the things that happen are too small, some are strangers, there is no way to determine." Me: "Are you saying that everyone can foresee the future of something,water filling machine, but because it's not the future that happens to them, there's no way to know that it's actually the future?" He: "Yes." Me: "But other people do not have that kind of dream, also do not have what information to flow before." He: "Maybe they have another way?" Me: "Well.." You see, here's the thing: if you say this is an example, I might believe it. But if this is a common phenomenon, I think at least there is no basis for investigation. He: "You're absolutely right, but who does this kind of research?"? Who knows how many things are connected? Maybe every thought I have is actually something that will really happen in the next few days. But it didn't happen around me. It happened in the United States, in Australia, and in Britain, so I had no way to know. And what if it's a small thing? It's impossible to record everything that happens to everyone, right? Even if it is recorded, it is impossible to come together and find foresight from the vast number of ideas, right? If that kind of foresight is random, juice filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, what if the same person's next few days are foreseen by more than a dozen people around the world? I tried to pull my mind back into my logic: "It can be assumed, but if it is not formally determined, it can only be assumed.". What's more, you think too much about this problem. Don't you think so? He: "I admit, but this problem is not the root of my problem.". In other words: I'm not in a mental institution because I can see the future. I'm in a mental institution because I'm manic. The reason I'm manic is because of the information. Let's just say that without that information, I don't care. I foresee it. It's none of my business. But when those messages appear, I intuitively know that they are very important, although I can ignore them, but they appear after all, I want to capture some, but it is impossible, but they will always appear. If you were me, wouldn't you want to seize the future? Don't you care about that? Don't you have the idea of capturing? But when you finally find that you don't have time to see that, will you go crazy? I looked at him very seriously, and at the same time I thought about it very seriously. From ancient times to the present, people have been trying to predict the future in various ways, such as divination, astrology, physiognomy, palmistry, and even through coffee and tea stains at the bottom of the cup, but there is no clear method and no reliable means. And I suddenly have such information in front of me, but too fast, too much, beyond my ability to collect, I can only be crazy, for me in the madhouse, I accept, but I have no way. Perhaps that information state should not let me get, let a wise man take it, put it on me, not waste, but torture. What I saw in his eyes was helplessness, anxiety and exhaustion. That afternoon I showed the recording to my friend, who was also the patient's doctor. When I watched him make a backup, I asked him what he thought about it and whether he should believe it. His attitude made me collapse. He said he believed it. I asked him how I would look at this problem if I believed this kind of thing as a doctor. My friend thought about it and said I should judge for myself. I must admit that this answer made me suffer for a long time. The future is uncertain, and if you put nonlinear dynamics on it, it will involve more, but the result is the same: there is still no clue. I even thought to myself, if it were me, could I capture the information flowing through my eyes? To be honest, I'm not a timid person, but if I had to choose,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I would wake up half a minute before the phone rang. I can't take any more. Then I suddenly felt that maybe being a prophet, as he said, was just a torturous punishment. Chapter 35 The Walking Dead He looked at me anxiously. "How can you do this?" 。