Recommend [Reunion in the New Year] Seemingly at odds with each other

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Seven years later, Wen Changrong's face was more mature and charming than when he was young.

He could imagine how angry Wen Changrong was when he received the court summons. He had thought about it. After handing in the application, he found a place to hide, and then went to buy a miniature camera to take with him at any time, so that if Wen Changrong did something to him, he would also have evidence. Thinking like this, the car soon arrived at the court gate. But when Qiao Xing got out of the taxi, a familiar black Bentley also came to the side of the road. Qiao Xing wanted to turn around and run, but Wen Changrong was faster than him. As soon as he turned around, the man quickly got out of the car and walked towards him. The black Bentley was directly across the entrance. ……” Qiao Xing stood where he was, and Wen Changrong walked a few steps in front of him. The man wore a black suit today, and the half-thick long windbreaker draped over his shoulders made him look more slender, which made people feel quite stressed. Wen Changrong's eyes fell on the folder in his hand and said, "Give it to me." “…… Nope "Qiao Xing." "This is at the gate of the court. Are you going to rob things here?" “……” Wen Changrong did not speak, and the two of them stood face to face. "Well,High Density Storage Drive In Rack," for a long time, Wen Changrong replied as usual: "Yes, at the gate of the court, I will not do anything to you." "Then get out of the way." "I will not prevent you from filing a divorce lawsuit, but I have to tell you that divorce will not be decided once it is filed. Except for extremely serious abuse or domestic violence, no court will decide divorce in the first instance,shuttle rack system, and the second instance needs to wait for at least six months." “……” "You said yesterday that you understood me very well, so you should also know that your divorce lawsuit will make me very angry." “……” The man's gray eyes reflected his face like a cold instrument: "Six months. To be honest, I don't know what I will do to you. Besides, we are husband and wife. No matter where you run away, I have the right to find you in these six months." "Marriage doesn't mean you can interfere with my freedom indefinitely. I can sue you illegally.." "What if I say you took my money and ran away?" Wen Changrong said: "a group boss who is worth hundreds of billions of yuan has been given money by the other half who was kept. Even if there is no evidence, the masses will believe it, right?" “……” "Six months can destroy too many things, Qiao Xing." Chapter 61 "Don't blame me." Qiao Xing clenched his fingers in an instant and raised his eyes to face the man. "Are you threatening me?" "Not a threat, just a message." "You have the right to choose whether to go or not," said Wen Changrong. “……” “……” The cold wind blew from behind, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,automated warehouse systems, Qiao Xing's fingers were white because of too much force, his teeth clenched too tightly, so that he tasted a little sweet smell, he asked: ".." Why are you doing this? "I don't want you to ruin our seven-year relationship on impulse." "It's not a spur of the moment." Wen Changrong paused and answered, "It's all the same." “……” "Come back with me, Qiao Xing." Wen Changrong said, "I can pretend that what happened today never happened." “…… I don't want it. "Why not?" “…… I can't stand you. "It was probably the first time in a long time that Qiao Xing said such a straightforward attack on Wen Changrong. He shouted almost angrily:" Your shit-like temper, self-righteous attitude, and disgusting.. " "All right!"! Is that enough?! The man's volume suddenly amplified, causing the passing crowd to look askance. His fierce eyes fell on him, and the hostility that burst out of them almost drowned him. Wen Changrong's chest rose and fell for a moment, but he quickly suppressed his anger and looked at Qiao Xing and said, "If you have vented your discontent enough, you can go home with me." "I won't go back with you, I don't love at all." "Or they will lose their reputation and the career they have painstakingly built for so many years will go down the drain." Wen Changrong seemed to have no patience, and his eyebrows frowned into a peak. The grey pupil full of hostility looked at him step by step and issued an ultimatum: "Either give up the divorce and go home with me." “……” "Choose one, choose one.". ” “……” Wen Changrong was answered by a long silence. About a few seconds later, Qiao Xing said, "I don't choose anything. My divorce agreement is to leave the house clean. When the time comes, I will post the divorce agreement. Everyone will not be stupid.." "Do you remember the overseas fund I gave you?" Wen Changrong interrupted him. I haven't touched a penny of that fund. "But I have a record of giving you a gift," said Wen Changrong. "People only know that you'cheated 'such a sum of money. Isn't it understandable that you have so much money to leave the house clean?" "You.." "I didn't think so much when I gave you the money, but with the conditions in hand, it's really easy to use it." "I can donate the money to the welfare home or.." Aren't you afraid I'll use this money on you. "Donation needs time is not short, This period of time is enough to spread rumors." Wen Changrong seems to have been prepared: "And although this fund is given to you, But I can still get information to a certain extent, Use this information can do too many things, If you think you can do something with this, You can try to see if you can succeed. But, Will this pay a greater price? I can't promise. “……” “……” “…… Don't you think it's mean? "The important thing is the result, not the process." The ups and downs of Wen Changrong's chest slowly calmed down because of time, and his answer was very righteous: "Besides, do you think I can sit in this position today, and everything I do is open and aboveboard?" “……” The cold wind blew from behind, Qiao Xing's fingers were white because of too much force,push back racking system, and his teeth were clenched so tightly that he tasted a little sweet smell. His eyes lingered on the face of the man in front of him again and again. Seven years later, Wen Changrong's face was more mature and charming than when he was young. The depth of his eyes grew with the years, so that people could not see why.

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