Breakthrough Crash Story Rescue Plan

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What do you want? The eagle pressed his temper by force: "Hurry to save him!"! My grass! You're still dawdling. Sees the sea to sink the wind breath to be getting weaker and weaker, the eagle fights the air to stare the eye, actually some imploring taste

Now in Gu Yang's eyes, he is a madman with great power, but even reason is difficult to maintain. More dangerous, but easier to deal with. Without looking any further, she covered the tile with her paw and ran after the woman in the direction in which she had just been carried away. The servants who handled the body were already familiar with this, and the two men, while carrying the woman's body, chatted and walked outside, leisurely, and Gu Yang soon followed them. As soon as he walked, he went out more than two miles and came to a very vast field. Grain was still planted in the field, and the leaves could be seen green in the moonlight night. Without squinting, the two men went straight to the ground, took out hoes and shovels, dug up the ground, buried the woman's body in the soil, and even saw the other half of the bones exposed in the soil. When the soil was covered again, the grain planted on the surface did not seem to be damaged much. They will grow bigger and bigger under the care of farmers, and the rice grains they produce will be fuller, much better than others. -No. Perhaps the whole field was already full of the bodies of people who had died tragically, and their relatives, who did not even know the news of their deaths,304 Stainless Steel Coil, gratefully obeyed the enemies who had killed them. Anyuan is known as a small granary because of its fertile land and abundant products. The grain planted in the fields of the Fu family is full of yellow ears, and the melons and fruits are delicious and juicy. How can the land watered by flesh and blood not be fertile? Chapter 161 Snow Leopard General (14). A carriage was speeding along the road, followed by a long line of men, each in armor, with sharp eyes. The driver was a very young man, dressed in a strong suit, with a dagger at his waist, but he was very skillful in driving, the strength of the whip did not hurt the horse,brushed stainless steel sheet, and he could make the carriage run smoothly at the fastest speed, trying to make the people sitting in the carriage comfortable. A few light coughs came out of the car, the voice was very low, and it was suppressed in the throat before it came out, but it was discerned from the disorderly sound of hooves. He tugged at the reins slightly and turned to ask, "Why don't we rest for a while before we go?" Xie Yuzhi's gentle voice soon came, "No need, try your best to go." Gu Yi is well aware of his temperament, the decision made will not be easily changed, Wen Yan can only continue to drive on the road. Xie Yuzhi sat upright in the carriage, his hands propped up on the cushion on the seat, covered his mouth with his sleeve and coughed a few times before he made himself a cup of tea and covered his throat with warm tea. He had long been accustomed to his dilapidated body, and no matter how close the guards were and how precious the tonics he took, in the end he could not fill up the essence and spirit needed for the sacrifice, which was futile. What is important now is Nie Jiucheng and Gu Yang in Anyuan. In the secret letter sent back by Nie Jiucheng, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the so-called mountain gods and snake demons in Anyuan, as well as the Fu family, who were involved in it, were all told. It was only at this time that Xie Yuzhi knew how many undercurrents were hidden under the seemingly calm water. In the previous life, the remnants of the former Dynasty were caught off guard, not only the private soldiers with good fighting power and the secret intervention of the enemy, but also a calculating strategist in front of them. And that man is Sikong, who disappeared in Anyuan many years ago. Xie Yuzhi thought that Sikong was in danger when he was in Anyuan and was saved by the rebels of the former Dynasty. From then on, he was loyal to them. But after the figure of the snake demon appeared, everything became complicated and confusing again. Behind the remnants of the former Dynasty who attempted to stir up trouble, there stood a hidden Fu family. As soon as his eyes turned, they fell on a thick book beside him, and his finger pulp gently stroked the fragile yellowing paper. This is the genealogy of the Hsieh family for two hundred years, and all the sons of the Hsieh family who have served as high priests can get a glimpse of it. Since the emperor had not yet marched into the Central Plains, Xie Shi was a man favored by God. From generation to generation, only one man would be passed down, and this man would have the ability to communicate with the gods and seek the mercy of God for his people. He himself, on the other hand, became a sacrifice to heaven. After the restoration of the Dynasty, the high priest became a man who was feared by the common people. With the acquiescence of the emperor, Tongtianjian created the immortal Xie Yuzhi and Laiyi. From then on, the sons of the Xie family lived in seclusion and died in the genealogy, so that people all knew that Xie Yuzhi came from the Xie family a hundred years ago. Everyone knew that Xie had a noble daughter, but they did not know that he had also been surprised by his brilliant talent and abandoned his name. On the old genealogy opened at this moment, there is a secret that is unknown to outsiders. In the tenth year of Lehe, Xie Feng gave birth to two sons. Only such a simple sentence, but broke the Xie family generations will only give birth to a male rule, and this so-called Xie Feng and Xie Erzi, but since then has not appeared in the genealogy, as if disappeared out of thin air. Lehe is ten years old. That was a hundred years ago. Coincidentally, in the records of the priest's office, in the 23rd year of Lehe, one of the ritual vessels used for priests was stolen, and it has never been found since. Although Xie could not use Reiki and Jingqi as a sharp weapon to hurt people, Qinglong, Zhuque Sword, White Tiger Bell and Xuanwu Ding, which were used as ritual vessels to communicate with gods, were born with the power to suppress demons. Now, there happened to be another snake demon. Xie Yuzhi's fingertips crossed the three words "Xie Erzi" on the booklet. Fu Jia. Xie Zi is a man, pay. ...... The sound of footsteps approached, and the ring on the woman's belt tinkled as if it sounded the death knell of the butcher's knife. Holding Ah-hung in her arms, Ah-hung looked anxiously at the door, her back pressed tightly against the cold wall. However, this did not make the maid open the door more slowly, they could only listen to the sound of the door lock being opened, watching the door being opened little by little, revealing the maid's face. Her beautiful eyes curved slightly, and she opened her lips and said with a light smile, "You two,304 Stainless Steel Bar, come with me.". Ah, and this lovely little kitten. Hung-niang did not move, but looked at her warily.

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