Fly up again

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'Good. Uncle Wang, you take Mr. Lu to the guest room to rest, and send Mr. Lu back tomorrow morning. Feng Yingci nodded his head.

'Good. Uncle Wang, you take Mr. Lu to the guest room to rest, and send Mr. Lu back tomorrow morning. Feng Yingci nodded his head. Lu Xuan did not speak any more and quietly followed Uncle Wang. Walk through the courtyard and go to the Fengjiadi guest room area. But at this moment, in the Feng family hall, the atmosphere becomes somewhat dignified. Grandfather, you won't be unhappy if I let the teacher stay at my house? Feng Ying bent down, replaced the sandalwood that had burned out, and ordered a new plate of sandalwood. The indifferent man looked at the direction of Lu Xuan's disappearance thoughtfully, but he didn't listen to Feng Ying's words. Grandfather. Feng Ying raised her voice. No, it's right to respect teachers. The indifferent man reacted. Grandfather seems to be with milk. People have said a lot, and I seem to have missed something. Feng Ying looks like she is not satisfied with what she is doing. I didn't really say anything. Feng Yingci said with a smile,deep draw stamping, "Your grandfather just told me that two hundred years ago, he lost his footing in a duel and fell into the glacier. As a result, his body was frozen in the glacier. It was not until five years ago that a Swiss expedition team found your grandfather that he set foot in the world again and began to pay attention to and protect our Feng family." "So that's it. Grandfather has been so mysterious that he won't tell me." Feng Ying was "suddenly enlightened." Your grandfather has made too many enemies before. It's natural to be very careful to reappear in the world this time. If it's not for our Feng family, in order to resolve the crisis of our gun tomb,car radiator cap, he will never appear in public again. Feng Yingci said gratefully. Grandma, have you seen the token of the grandfather? "Naturally, I have seen that the'half silver ring 'brought by your grandfather and the other'half silver ring' handed down by our Feng family ancestors can be put together seamlessly. It is absolutely the ring that was broken into two halves when your grandfather explained'one hand breaks the sky 'to your great-grandfather." Feng Yingci laughed and said, "It's always been your girl who told me about the grandfather, but now suddenly you're a little more suspicious." "I don't doubt the grandfather, I'm just interested in the grandfather." Feng Ying has a small mouth. Feng Yingci watched Feng Ying grow up and watched her roll around in the market, knowing that the more she showed her girlish appearance, she was already on guard in her heart. Silly girl, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, your grandfather came to Cherbourg this time mainly to see the Feng family, the Feng family designed by your great-grandfather. Feng Yingci said slowly. Back to Feng's house, I feel like I'm back to my own home, where every tree and grass has a familiar feeling. The indifferent man sighed, "Feng Jie's house design was filled with half of the design room, and the other half was mecha design." "Grandfather, you are so powerful that you can design a world like the Tomb of Guns." Feng Ying said with "worship". " It was your great-grandfather and your grandmother who were able to completely realize my design to the present perfection. The last time I entered the gun tomb, I was completely shocked by every detail inside. I really didn't accept the wrong apprentice. The cold man took a deep breath. Grandfather. Feng Yingci also said emotionally, "If you hadn't done it last time, I'm afraid the gun tomb would be gone now." "It is true that only you, the grandfather, have the means to reverse the storm and save the tomb of guns by relying entirely on your skills." Feng Ying nodded gently. The Tomb of Guns is well managed by you, and I just do it at the right time. "No.." Feng Yingci shook his head and said, "The world of Gun Tomb is built for you, Grandfather. Our Feng family is desperately managing this world, and it is also for your belief in Grandfather. Now that Grandfather has come back, our Feng family can unload this responsibility and leave it to Grandfather to build a more perfect Gun Tomb." "I think you misunderstood. I came to Feng's house this time just to see you. I didn't mean to take over the gun tomb at all." The indifferent man shook his head repeatedly. Grandfather.. I'm old. . Yingying is a girl whose business is in good order. . But she's a girl. . I don't like these businesses. . Only give you the gun grave. . Our Feng family can feel at ease. . If your apprentice Feng Jie . My grandfather is still alive. . He will make the same decision as me. 。 "Feng Yingci said very firmly.". All know . With your mind, Grandfather . Whether it's dealing with any problem. . It's not difficult for you. . If Gun Grave needs to move on. . It's better to give it to you. 。” In contrast to Feng Yingci's sincere request. Feng Ying is noncommittal Smiling and standing silent. This matter concerns the painstaking efforts of the Feng family for decades. I can't just go on like this. . But considering you two women, . Has been shouldering the burden of the gun grave. . I can do that :_. The method of . Let you take the burden off. . Live in peace 。” The cold man sighed. "Grandfather, please think about it carefully.". Are you coming to Cherbourg? . One . Go to bed early tonight. Feng Ying stopped the meeting in the hall with "understanding". The Feng family in the early morning. Immersed in a calm on the eve of a storm. 。 Sitting cross-legged in the guest room of the Feng family, Lu Xuan did not fall asleep. He looked calmly at the delicate. "Jiangnan Style" courtyard. A ghostly dark figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the courtyard. The bearer is exactly so The name of "Lu Xuan" approached the young and indifferent man of the Feng family. " There you are. Lu Xuan said lightly. I came to learn how to break the sky with one hand. The indifferent man said word by word. Chapter 95 of the main text. Black Dragon Novel Net Update Time: 2009-7-17 23:19:12 Words in this chapter: 2579 "I have come to learn how to break the sky with one hand." The cold man said coldly, "At the same time, I want to confirm one thing." "What is it?" Lu Xuan, sitting cross-legged, said lightly. Is there another person in the world besides me who can really break the sky with one hand? Indifferent man unfathomable words, Lu Xuan did not give any reaction, from before the chessboard black and white into powder that hand,Magnetic Drain Plug, indifferent man's technique is far from a hand to break the sky. Lu Xuan looked at the cold man in the dark, "I also want to confirm one thing, who are you and why do you pretend to be Lu Xuan?" 。