Who says I don't love you?

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Just as he was about to say something, Fancy, who had been lying on his lap, suddenly stretched out his paw and scratched it gently on Enron's left hand. When Enron was so scratched by it, he subconsciously let go of his hand and looked down at the cat, it looked lazy again, licking

Just as he was about to say something, Fancy, who had been lying on his lap, suddenly stretched out his paw and scratched it gently on Enron's left hand. When Enron was so scratched by it, he subconsciously let go of his hand and looked down at the cat, it looked lazy again, licking its paws and squinting slightly at her. Fancy is very quiet and sensible. He buckled her seat belt with a "click". "After I brought it back to A city, I was very busy with my work and often neglected it. It will find its own fun, this time probably uncomfortable for a long time, but I have not found it. As Enron gently touched Vancey's head, Vancey seemed to feel something, grunted, stretched his body, put his front paws forward on her arm, leaned his head over, and remained motionless. After waiting for Enron for a long time, he did not notice its movement, and when he looked over, it had fallen asleep. On the way, I went to Wen Jingfan's apartment in Chaoyang Mansion to get the daily necessities of Fancy. When I arrived at Sui Enron's house again, the sky was so dark that there was no light. After getting home, Wen Jingfan put down Vancey and saw him go around the living room to explore, and then went down to get cat litter, sand basin, and Vancey's canned cat food snacks. It was getting late, so Enron saw that everything was normal, so he went to the kitchen to see what ingredients there were. I just bought three small yellow croakers yesterday. I wonder if Fancy can eat them? There are vegetables, you can make a vegetarian dish, and then cook a pot of vegetable soup. And the coke chicken wings she had planned to make in a few days, only two dishes and one soup. It's not enough. With a meow in her eyes, she saw the tomatoes washed and placed in the bamboo basket on the table not far away, which she had planned to eat raw. Just cut the meat, roll the eggs, and make another dish. When Wen Jingfan came back, she had just cooked and was washing vegetables. He put his things in the living room, and when he went to look for Vancy, he found him crouching solemnly beside the fish tank, eyeing covetously. If you look closely, you can see that its front paws are already wet, and it is obvious that it has been in close contact with the goldfish in the tank. As soon as Wen Jingfan squinted, his face was somewhat harsh, and when he called his name, he was also somewhat stern. Fancy looked up, tilted his head reluctantly, looked at the frightened goldfish, and jumped down quietly. Wen Jingfan crouched down, pinched its meat pad, slightly bent his fingers, and tapped it on the head: "No." Vancey looked up at him, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet crates, his blue eyes glowing in the light, and he raised his paws unhappily and meowed. Not allowed He reiterated. Fancy tilted his head to look at him for a long time, and then ran away reluctantly. He gave up the idea of eating goldfish, and Wen Jingfan went into the kitchen to help. She was still wearing the uniform of the hotel, wearing an apron in front of her, with soft slippers at her feet, and was concentrating on cutting vegetables with her head down. She was not short when she was not wearing high heels, but she was only through his shoulders, and the top of her head was just below his Adam's apple. The frying pan was already hot and making a slight noise. Next to it was the food she had already processed. He glanced at it roughly. "Boil the fish?" "Yes, can Fancy eat it?" Vancey? Wen Jingfan quietly looked at the small yellow croaker that had been cleaned and was waiting for the pot, and answered, "I like to eat it." That tone, in the soft also faintly has a trace. Imperceptible.. With Enron's hands cutting vegetables, suddenly I don't know how to describe his childish softness. Wen Jingfan had already picked up the plate and swept the fish into the pot. The oil was splashing everywhere. He frowned slightly and turned sideways to block her. "Stand away." Sui Enron did not answer immediately. He looked back and saw him half in front of him. Remembering the last time he was standing here, he said to her, "The pot is heavy. I'll do it." Perhaps some things, even inadvertently, can make the heart soft in an instant. Even if I didn't like him five years ago, now I meet him again. I'm afraid it's the same ending. Like him, like him, like him. Sui Enron felt. In the future, we should avoid being alone with Wen Jingfan, or sooner or later we will die because the blood trough is empty and there is no time to replenish the blood. Except for the small yellow croaker, the rest of the dishes were contracted by him. Looking at the appearance and smelling the fragrance, we know that he must be proficient in cooking. I don't know when Vancy ran into the dining room and was lying gracefully on the table, looking at them. Seeing that all the food was out of the pot, he half propped himself up and jumped from the table to the chair, half squatting and waiting for the meal. The spirit is much better than when I saw it at noon. After eating, washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, it was already eight o'clock in the evening. Wen Jingfan is sitting on the sofa, eating and drinking enough, like a lazy blanket spread out on the armrest of the sofa, occasionally sweeping his tail, brushing his sense of existence. Seeing that she was busy, he also got up to leave. Enron sent him out, and when he got to the door, he noticed some itching at his feet. As soon as he lowered his head, Fancy did not know when to follow him. He stood beside her and looked up at Wen Jingfan. Seeing that he was about to go, he gave a gentle "meow" and swept his tail from side to side. I can go down by myself. When he changed his shoes and put his slippers in the shoe cabinet, he touched Vancy and said, "You have to be obedient. I'll pick you up when I finish my work. Don't make trouble." Fancy looked at him, quietly. Then Wen Jingfan stood up and said, "I'm going to trouble you these days." "No, it's just a lonely house." Wen Jingfan's original line of sight still fell on Fancy. Hearing this sentence, he looked up at her, and a smile flashed through his eyes: "That's what you should seriously consider what your colleague said." Sui Enron didn't react for a while. When he reacted, he pointed out that Zhou Xiaoyan was looking for a boyfriend. Suddenly, he felt a little hot in his ears. When he opened his mouth again, he was completely restless: "I don't need.." So I'm not going to consider it. Wen Jingfan gently "um", slightly raised, with a trace of doubt. As Enron looked at him, his eyes were moving, his eyes were dazzling,plastic pallet suppliers, his brain was hot, and he blurted out: "I have someone I like." As soon as the voice fell, there was silence. binpallet.com