Morbid Favor-Vines for Branches

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The moment the dice cup was uncovered. She couldn't help but open her eyes wide and then looked at him happily: "You lost." He chuckled. "Well, I lost." T

The moment the dice cup was uncovered. She couldn't help but open her eyes wide and then looked at him happily: "You lost." He chuckled. "Well, I lost." The first time he saw her smile, although he could only see the rising corners of her lips, there was a sweet taste to his heart, which was really ***ing pure. On the white dice, a bright red 1 is at the top. Jiang Ren gave her the small gold medal. She put it in her school uniform. Meng heard that she had not made a bet with anyone. She breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she won and got her things back. It was time for her to go home. When her back disappeared at the gate of Anhaiting, He Junming and his group had not yet come to their senses. ***! ***! No way! How can it be a 1! He Junming suspected that he didn't wake up. It took him a long time to ask, "Brother Ren, how did you lose?" Jiang Ren leaned back on the sofa. The place where she hit his chest seemed to be painful and soft. He said carelessly, "If you lose, you lose. What's the reason?" ~ Wednesday was the day of Meng's eye review. At noon, Shu's father could not come back. He thought about it and asked Shu Yang and Meng to go together. In the past two years, either Shu's father accompanied Meng to listen, or occasionally when Shu Lan asked Meng to listen, she would go with him. But last night,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the atmosphere between the two daughters was obviously not right. Shu's father thought they were at odds. He had no choice but to call Shu Yang to accompany his sister. School is over at noon. Shu Yang waited for Meng at the school gate. "Let's go." His words are few, his appearance is ordinary, his eyes are dark, and his personality is very dull. The two of them were the first in Class One and Two respectively, but no one ever thought they knew each other. Meng listens not to know how to get along with stepbrother, shake one's head: "I can go by myself." Shu Yang did not look at her,brass tube fitting, staring at the fallen leaves of the sycamore trees on campus: "Dad shouted." It means that if it wasn't for his father's exhortation, he wouldn't be willing to go, and he wouldn't be able to make a job if he didn't go. Meng listened to some red face, with a touch of embarrassment: "trouble you." "Mmm." The city hospital is a little far from the school. That year, the bus to the hospital only ran once an hour, and when the No.31 bus came slowly. Meng listened to go up first, and Shu Yang followed her into the car. The crowd almost ran into her, and he blocked them with his arm. He looked back before he got on the bus. A silver-haired teenager in a red Jersey looked at them impassively. Shu Yang frowned and sat down in his seat. He Junming looked up, as if he had discovered a new continent: "That was Meng Ting just now. I'll go to her and that boy..." He Hei Hei smiled, "good students also puppy love ah?"? Isn't there something wrong with her eyes? The boy in No.7 Middle School has such a unique taste. Before he had finished speaking, he saw Brother Ren running to the bus as if he had come to his senses. The young man of this age has long and strong legs. They just finished playing, pipe fittings manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, and Jiang Ren wore a Jersey and shorts in November, which was already a little cold. His calf muscles were strong and his silver hair was covered with sweat. He almost ran to the bus stop with a desperate heart. However, the entrance of Licai Vocational High School is a little far from the bus stop. When he ran over, the bus had already left. Jiang Ren's eyes were dark, and he picked up a stone from the grass and trees on the side road. Almost without hesitation, it hit the car body, and the young man's arm strength was amazing, and the sound of "Dong" was almost dull. All the people on the bus were shocked. The driver turned around from the window and shouted abuse. Scolding is very dirty. However, the boy's dark eyes were cold without blinking. Meng listened and turned around. She caught sight of him at once. In the early winter, his red Jersey was like fire, and his eyes were burning with anger. The masseter muscles bulged and the veins in the firm arms jumped. Frightened, He Junming patted Tan on the shoulder and almost stammered: "Jar, what should I do?" Fang Tan was also stunned. They all know that they have only been in senior high school for two months. This is Jiang Ren was ill for the first time. The author has something to say: [Little Theater] He Junming: What's wrong with the jar? Worry, why did brother Ren get sick? Fang Tan: You ask me, who do I ask? I am also very confused. Why don't you go and pull it. He Junming:.. Thank you, thank you for the invitation. I'm not going! Chapter 14 Recovery The driver scolded the person, looked at the appearance of the teenager, but in the heart a burst of hair. He is not a normal person. As soon as he stepped on the accelerator, he spat and drove the bus away. Meng listened and stopped looking. She turned around and her heart suddenly jumped. For the first time, she realized that even though some things had changed, fate was still moving slowly towards its original trajectory. "Do you know him?" Asked Shu Yang in a faint voice. Meng listened for a long time without speaking. Shu Yang glanced at her and asked nothing more. When they arrived at the hospital, they waited in line for an hour. Meng Ting's attending physician is an acquaintance, once came out of a township with his mother, or a junior high school classmate. Aunt Sun. Sun Qiaoyu showed a soft smile under the medical mask, took off her glasses, let Meng Ting lie on the medical bed, and then checked her eyes with a light. Meng listened and blinked uncomfortably, and tears came out physiologically. Her eyes are a little light, not pure black, nor ordinary brown, more like light brown. As clean and clear as rain water. Shu Yang was standing in the doorway, and Sun Qiaoyu was not polite to him. Young man, come and help to light up. Shu Yang came over and took the light source in her hand. He was stunned for a moment when he lowered his head. The girl's glittering eyes were imprinted with bright spots of light. She has fair skin and pink lips. Long eyelashes stained with mist, as light as butterfly wings, but quiet and peaceful in the eyes. For the first time in three years, Shu Yang saw Meng Ting growing up. Like Shulan, he was impressed by ten-year-old Meng Ting. At that time,ball valve manufacturer, his parents had been divorced for a year. Shu's father was not very good at taking care of the children. Both children were sloppy. Shu Yang caught a cold and his nose was red. His clothes had not been changed for five days, and there was a stain on his collar. Shulan was no better, and her pockets were dirty.

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