Fa Xiang Xian Tu

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Zhang Fan's eyes suddenly froze. Looked the man up and down. This Zhang Xu Tianren has a face like a knife and axe. He lies on the ground and is naked all over.

Zhang Fan's eyes suddenly froze. Looked the man up and down. This Zhang Xu Tianren has a face like a knife and axe. He lies on the ground and is naked all over. Only the wings behind him are wrapped around him, which just covers his vital parts. He looks very strong and handsome, revealing the beauty of men. Like a statue, he lay motionless on the ground, breathing steadily, his chest heaving faintly, all silently telling that he was sinking into the heavy water. Now that he was asleep, his breath was so restrained that he could not see anything from his own body, but something in front of him, which was very noticeable. It was a long Dao, which was even longer than Zhang Xu Tianren. It was inserted straight on the ground in front of Tianren. From Zhang Fan's point of view, its exaggerated shape was like a shield. From the blade to the blade, this long Dao is not like the common cloud gas long Dao in the clouds, but a kind of indescribable material, the whole body is blue, like a blue dragon curled up. Its hilt is not very long. Just as the foot Zhang Xu Tianren clasped his hands together, only his blade, which was long and wide, had an indescribable fierce and overbearing breath. Good knife! At the sight of this broadsword, Zhang Fan immediately put aside the tablet of blood, heaven and man, and his eyes shone bright. With its cultivation, I can clearly feel the purity of the body of the Dao,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, without blood and resentment, without setbacks, there is only a simple "Dao". Just like the magic sword formed by the purest sword gas, this long sword is already the manifestation of the essence of "Dao", which can not be refined by any means. Dao is still like this, so what about people? A little later, Zhang Fan's eyes moved and congealed on the body of Zhang Xu Tianren, who was the master of the long knife! He could not help but do so, just as he appreciated the long knife,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, Zhang Xu Tianren began to tremble slightly, more and more, as if he wanted to wake up from a long sleep. Zhang Xiaoyou, do you know who this man is? Shutong asked leisurely as if he had not seen that Zhang Xu was about to wake up. How could I possibly know? "Zhang Fan secretly, at the same time frankly shook his head, said:" Zhang I do not know. The answer was not strange at all. He nodded indifferently and said, "It's not strange that you don't know his identity. After all, it's too long ago. If it weren't for chance, even the old man couldn't know." The more he listened, the more solemn Zhang Fan's expression became, relying solely on the meaning of his uncle's words. He knew that this Zhang Xu Tianren was determined not to be simple, and he was afraid that he was still a legendary figure. Sure enough! As soon as Zhang Fan had this idea in his heart, Shutong had already said it to himself. Hundred clans fight the human race to win, and then it is the struggle for the leading role of heaven and earth within the human race, and finally there are today's human beings, northern Xinjiang, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Yunzhong, and even the underground alien and relic clans. "Heaven and man are really extraordinary. In the civil war of the human race, they can't be disobeyed. They immediately retreat bravely in the torrent, find the world in the clouds, inherit the fire, and leave a dark hand.". Only when all kinds of means are used, can today's family of heaven and man remain, and leap above human beings in this small world, just like gods. When Zhang Fan heard this, he nodded his head secretly. What Shu Tong said was exactly what he thought. There were no ordinary people who had emerged in that magnificent era. The ancestors of the Heavenly and Human Clan were really extraordinary. Wait "Do you mean." Zhang Fan suddenly reacted to come over, in the heart a excited spirit, suddenly looked back to the sleeping is about to wake up, and he trembled in front of him, gradually become the sound of the long knife. Just at the moment. Shutong's voice came to his ear. The ancestor of Heaven and Man, whose talent is extremely beautiful, is called Zunzu. This person is one of the five ancestors of Heaven and Man! -Dao Zun! ! Dao Zun? As soon as Zhang Fan's heart moved, his eyes were fixed on the long Dao, which was unwilling to be lonely, and he nodded secretly. Only because he could control the Dao, the name of Dao Zun was not false. After hesitating for a moment, he saw that Shu Tong had no response to the awakening of Dao Zun and Long Dao, so he knew that he had been prepared and left him alone. Zhang Fan stretched out his hand and pointed to Dao Zun and asked: "Uncle Tong senior.". Since this man is one of the Five Ancestors of Heaven and Man, how could he end up like this? Sleep, I do not know how many years of sleep, wake up after outsiders come, slay foreign enemies, and then fall into a deep sleep, go round and round, this is simply the work of refining corpses and puppets! A generation of Dao Zun, one of the Five Ancestors of Heaven and Man, should he appear in such a state in such a place? "The real Dao Zun has already died." Shutong sighed with admiration: "The Cloud Pool is one of the three treasures of Heaven and Man. In fact, it is the treasure bred by the cloud world itself. It is the first of the three treasures. It is not easy to control." After the Five Ancestors of Heaven and Man came to the world of clouds, they were the only strong people left in the family of Heaven and Man! In order to control the cloud pool, the Tianren clan has paid a great price, including Dao Zun, one of the five strongest! When the Heaven and Man Clan established themselves in the middle of the cloud, Dao Zun was already dead. What we see in front of us is just its body and the remnants of the meaning of Dao. I see. Zhang Fan also gave a deep sigh: "Even if I die, I still have the meaning of the sword. I swear to keep what I valued in my lifetime. It's really admirable and amazing!" It seems to him that this Dao Zun is different from the ancient Jian Xiu. They all follow the same route, but one is the tyrant of the Dao, and the other is the edge of the sword. Each has its own ingenuity. It seems that if you want to move in this cloud pool, I'm afraid you can't bypass this Dao Zun. : "But how did Shutong bypass this man and achieve great success in this cloud pool?" While Zhang Fan was meditating. Dao Zun's body trembled to rise, and at the moment when the long sword was about to break the sky, Shu Tong suddenly stretched out his hand and caught it in the air. This grasp seemed to be different from his movements when he performed the Dafa, but in the blink of an eye, Zhang Fan's pupils shrank suddenly, and his eyes were full of horror. Yingying is like water, lingering, a wisp of medicinal fragrance, as if obsessed with men and women, winding between heaven and earth, full of extremely gentle and omnipresent, like a mother's embrace,Time Delay Tap, embracing heaven and earth. In the fragrance of this medicine, Zhang Fan's brain was blurred for a while, and there was a feeling of drowsiness. That kind of safety and warmth was enough to make him put everything down and fall asleep. Incorrect 。 cnkexin.com